The COVID-19 crisis marks a new and frightening era for our nation and the world. Everything has been turned upside down; we are all facing massive economic and social disruption.

Nonprofit organizations in the United States are a vital part of our communities, and critical participants in the overall economy. In ordinary times, they provide benefits and enrichment to us all as well as specific services to disadvantaged individuals and groups – all while employing a significant portion of the overall U.S. workforce.

In times of disaster, they step up immediately as critical links in relief and social services. At the same time, they must address their own needs (including staff) arising from the devastating events beyond their control.

This is not business as usual, but – together with others in the nonprofit and business communities – we can figure it out. Our goal is to help you navigate these unique times and all of the new issues you face. We will do this by posting frequent articles, resources and responses to the questions asked by our clients. Have a question you want us to research for you? Send us a message!

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